Sunday, October 05, 2008

4 Oct 2008 WeekEnd Outing

It was a rather warm Saturday. But that did not stop Dad & Mom from bringing Wai Po and me out.
After all, we need a break!

We started our day with a marvellous meal at Gong Shi Wan Tan Mee - the usual lunch haunt that Dad & Mom simply love going to.. (Mom grabbed a plate of it before delivering me on my birth day!)
Mom placed the order over the phone - "Ma min" chilli (to be shared with her & Wai Po), Black sauced 'min', one with chilli (Dad's) & the other without (Helper's) & Tomato 'min' (Mom's must-hv at Gong Shi).

After the lunch, we went to Marine Parade to do our grocery shopping at NTUC. Mom also signed all of us up for the Big Walk 2008! It is gonna be on water - 20,000 walkers crossing the dam across the Marina Channel on 2 Nov 2008!
Total distance = 5 km!

How exciting.. my 1st 'walk' ever!

Next, Dad drove us to E.C.P to enjoy a nice, cool breeze. Mom eagerly took me to the beach & dipped both my feet into the water! Oh My.. I was tensed up! Imagine my size vs the waves!

Mummy dearest, the waves appeared BIG to me 'lor'!

Despite my fears, I only let out minor cries of protest.

Don't believe?

Check me out!

Mom eventually gotten my hints of protest and stopped 'testing water'.

In Dad's sturdy arms, I felt safe once again...

Dinner Time at 7.30p.m.

Dad knew Mom loves seafood & brought us to Punggol Choon Seng Seafood Restaurant, located within an old school building in Aljunied. Mom has been craving for seafood for weeks! (Nope, she is not preggy again..) Though she did not get to eat her chilli crabs, she was satisfied with her 'SoDong Zai' (a.k.a fried squid) & tAsty fried bean curd.
Meanwhile, Wai Po fed me with her "Ai Xin" (specially home-cooked) dinner.. Look at how much I am enjoying it!!!

This is ME after my dinner.

Watching HK Drama telecasting then.

*Do Not Disturb*

So Dong Zai (Fried Squid) Fried Bean Curd

Famous Punggol Mee Goreng Sambal KangKong

Lousily-prepared Burnt cereal prawns