Sunday, October 05, 2008

4 Oct 2008 WeekEnd Outing

It was a rather warm Saturday. But that did not stop Dad & Mom from bringing Wai Po and me out.
After all, we need a break!

We started our day with a marvellous meal at Gong Shi Wan Tan Mee - the usual lunch haunt that Dad & Mom simply love going to.. (Mom grabbed a plate of it before delivering me on my birth day!)
Mom placed the order over the phone - "Ma min" chilli (to be shared with her & Wai Po), Black sauced 'min', one with chilli (Dad's) & the other without (Helper's) & Tomato 'min' (Mom's must-hv at Gong Shi).

After the lunch, we went to Marine Parade to do our grocery shopping at NTUC. Mom also signed all of us up for the Big Walk 2008! It is gonna be on water - 20,000 walkers crossing the dam across the Marina Channel on 2 Nov 2008!
Total distance = 5 km!

How exciting.. my 1st 'walk' ever!

Next, Dad drove us to E.C.P to enjoy a nice, cool breeze. Mom eagerly took me to the beach & dipped both my feet into the water! Oh My.. I was tensed up! Imagine my size vs the waves!

Mummy dearest, the waves appeared BIG to me 'lor'!

Despite my fears, I only let out minor cries of protest.

Don't believe?

Check me out!

Mom eventually gotten my hints of protest and stopped 'testing water'.

In Dad's sturdy arms, I felt safe once again...

Dinner Time at 7.30p.m.

Dad knew Mom loves seafood & brought us to Punggol Choon Seng Seafood Restaurant, located within an old school building in Aljunied. Mom has been craving for seafood for weeks! (Nope, she is not preggy again..) Though she did not get to eat her chilli crabs, she was satisfied with her 'SoDong Zai' (a.k.a fried squid) & tAsty fried bean curd.
Meanwhile, Wai Po fed me with her "Ai Xin" (specially home-cooked) dinner.. Look at how much I am enjoying it!!!

This is ME after my dinner.

Watching HK Drama telecasting then.

*Do Not Disturb*

So Dong Zai (Fried Squid) Fried Bean Curd

Famous Punggol Mee Goreng Sambal KangKong

Lousily-prepared Burnt cereal prawns

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fallen sick...

I have fallen sick just when I turned 8 month old.
What a sign...

Poor Mummy, Daddy & Grandma were so worried for me!

At midnight, 31 July 2008, I was hot on the head. Mummy took my temperature under the armpit. It was measured 37.1 degree celsius. Everything else being normal. I was nursed to sleep nevertheless. Thereafter, Mummy took my temperature diligently every hour.

Coming close to 4a.m, my body had radiated more heat.. By then, Mummy took my temperature the fourth time & realised it was 37.9 degree celsius! (Yes, u can imagine how worried she became.) I was still sleeping rather soundly though. I guess my antibodies were doing their job, fighting the virus, causing me to be drowsy while they were at work!

Anyway, paracetamol was on its way.. I had a small dose of 2.5ml. Daddy held me in his arms while Mummy fed me with the pink & sweet syrup in a little pink medicine spoon given by the clinic.

I had a good sleep til 9.45a.m. while Daddy and Mummy were already busy at work! The day went on.. my temperature was fluctuating - like going on a roller-coaster! It rose to 38.2 degree celsius at one point! Grandma fed me with another dose of paracetamol to get my temperature down.

By 2.30p.m, Mummy had rushed home to take care of me. And of course, I yearned for her warmth & touch, especially during my vulnerable time.. I had her 100% attention. She nursed me, sponged me, bathed me (a quickie bath to get my temperature down) & fed me. She had even bought a brand new Braun ear thermometer (so.. so expensive!) to get a more accurate reading of my temperature. She took down every minute detail of my movement for the rest of the day. I was given a fever patch on the forehead - supposed to bring down my temperature, too! It was cOoL...

Being cautious & not taking any chances, Mummy stayed home with me on 1 August, a Friday. She continued to monitor me. I was taken to the Baby & Child clinic in the afternoon, after Daddy rushed home to pick us up.

Dr Loke told Mummy & Daddy that I had viral infection & the little red spots on my body was viral rashes. They came on after my fever subsided. It was a good sign. Mummy checked with her the necessary precaution to take. Here's her reply, "Avoid crowded places. This kind of virus is air-borne. When your child inhales, the virus will get into her body." I was prescribed calamine lotion for my rashes.

Just when Daddy and Mummy thought everything was going fine, I began to develop cough on Saturday, 2 August. It was mild at first, with a few which I forced out. It got me more attention. *Gee*

The coughing episodes became more frequent as the night approached. By 10p.m, I was sneezing and coughing every few minutes. Mummy & Daddy stayed by my side to monitor me. I was fussy. Everything became uncomfortable for me. And I had my third poo - really big poo! (And really smelly!) Mummy was trying her best to clean me up while I twisted & turned under the running tap. (Mind you, the water is cold!)

I was then changed into a new set of rompers and fed with cough syrup before I was tucked to bed. The night went on quite smoothly for Mum & Dad, except for a few times when I woke up for milk. Mummy nursed me on demand, as usual.

I woke up at 7a.m. this morning for another feed of medicine - cough syrup & runny nose syrup. I was fully awake by 9a.m. rolling happily on the bed, bumping into Mum & Dad. Mummy eventually gave in & woke up. She played with me for a while before 'delivering' me to Grandma for cereal breakfast.

Strangely, my appetite is not much affected. I eat well. But my runny nose seems to get worse today. In fact, it only started in the wee hours this morning! (I was only sneezing yesterday.) Mummy seems to be infected by me. Her throat is not feeling well. She is rather groggy today. The weather plays a part, too! (So humid & warm!)

I hope I will recover soon. If not, Mum & Dad will be doubly busy - with work & me! I do not want them to fall sick, like me... If that happens, no one to play with me... =(

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mummy learns Art - Bleach & Dye for ME

Last Saturday, Mummy just shared with me on one of the things she had learnt in one of the workshops held at her working place - Making art with your child using dye and bleach.

She was so excited when she talked about it!

In her exact words, "I can't wait to make the art with you when u grow up!"

"Me, too, Mummy!" All I could do at that moment was to grin in agreement.

But I am sure Mummy understands. =)

The whole process sounds simple to me:

The Groundwork
1st, make sure u have all the materials ready - Half of A4-sized drawing papers, brushes (big/ medium), bowls (1 big & a few small ones), a plate, newspapers, large cotton wool, styrofoam, bleach & dye of different colours (not poster colours).

2nd, lay newspapers all over the table. I m sure no 1 likes an oddly painted table, though it may somehow looks artistic?!

3rd, pour portion of the dye into small bowls. Fill the large bowl with plain water (for washing of the brushes).

4th, place the large piece of cotton wool (or cloth) on a plate. Pour some bleach into it. Not too much though. Just make sure the cotton wool or cloth is completely wet with bleach.

The Process
1st, dip the brush into the dye and spread over the half A4-sized paper (somewhat like u are spreading peanut butter over your piece of bread!). "Wash" the brush in the clear bowl of water & dip it into another colour to spread over part of the paper. Basically, just mix colours that you fancy on that piece of drawing paper.

2nd, cut the styrofoam into small cubes that you can hold. Then, create some lines/ patterns on one side, either with the use of penknife or simply by pinching some parts out!

3rd, tap tap the part of the styrofoam with the pattern on to the plate with bleach.

4th, press the styrofoam on to the coloured drawing paper which you have painted earlier on. Press it with sufficient strength - not too hard or too soft; requires some experimenting. Do it in a uniform manner - start the pressing from left to right (of the paper), row by row.

5th, the Uniquely Yours Art piece by Mum & Child will be completed! Just wait for it to dry. Then mount it on to a bigger piece of coloured paper!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My New 'Flings' n Stuff

Mummy n Daddy had a wild time shopping for my items @ OG Albert Centre Sale & Parkway's Kiddy Palace.. Beneficiary --- ME, of course! *haha*

Mum, Dad n Wai Po having a sumptuous, fiery dinner @ Kartini Indonesian Restaurant while I have to be satisfied with my index finger n towel..

My 1st set of feeding spoons! Can't wait to use them when I turn 6-month-old! Another 33 days to go.... *counting down*

My doting Wai Po chose this set of teethers for me to Chew On~ 5 Fingers, 5 Toes. Lovely! =)

Daddy can't get his hands off this set of lovely bathing sea creatures.. eventually landed up on the cashier's counter. *Hehe*

My 1st In-house Baby Pool!

My 1st dip in the pool @ 3.45p.m. 27 April 2008.

How do I feel? I only have 1 word to say... "Shiok!"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My 1st time.. on the Baby chair cum dining table

Yesterday, 25th April, my mummy placed me on the Hand-Me-Down baby chair for the very first time. Still looks brand new, isn't it? It comes from my 金嘴cousin - Benjamin.

Hey, check this out! I can keep myself upright very well! *Clapz clapz*

I love to bite.. Yummy 'drumstick'

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Latest Sleeping Style

Mummy has attempted a few times to place me on my front to sleep but well, of course without much success. ;p

Just yesterday on, I did just that to make myself sleep more comfortably!
Hope mummy is not upset with me.. haha..
I m not being naughty. Just wanna be myself - a true Sagittarius.

(Note fr mummy: "As long as u r happy, darling, I will be happy.")

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saurday Outing @ East Coast Park

This is my Nth time of Saturday outing with my lovely family. But there is something new this time - my 1st brand new "Ferrari" stroller - that's what my wai po called it. ;p

Mummy, Daddy and Wai Po just had a yummy meal of Lor Mee and Nasi Lemak at Amoy Street. I had been a goody girl, playing on my own while they tucked into their lunch.

I m looking out for cars.. We are going to our next destination - East Coast Park! Yipee!!

It has been a great Saturday except for the sudden heavy pour in the mid-noon. But that makes the leaves in East Coast Park look greener, and the air smells fresher! And it sets the mood right for me to think through... ;p

Strolling down Bedok Jetty with the lovely sunset as background